Edward Schreiber, Executive Director of the Zerka T. Moreno foundation will be 0ffering Training for Individuals and Organizations as a MORENEAN EDUCATOR AND SOCIATRIST.   The world is calling all of us to respond to the changes and challenges around us and within us. Moreno embedded into his method the codes, formulas, and practices for sociatry, to help humankind deepen and integrate an awakened state of consciousness. We are part of an ecological system – enlightened individuals and groups are like imaginal cells within the body of an awakening humanity. Our understanding of the largest sociometric structures impacting all life, and a realization of the Organic Unity, are transforming our culture and lives. The codes, formulas, and practices are part of this global awakening. This training is appropriate for both professional application and personal growth.

CEUs and psychodrama training hours are included and offered.

Please Contact    Edward Schreiber  Phone: 413-695-6557 for more information.