I suffered from an idee fixe, which became my constant source of productivity.  It proclaimed that there is sort of primordial nature, which is immortal, a first universe which contains all beings and in which all events are sacred.    JL Moreno   The Future of Man's World

Moreno's notion is that we are more than biological, economical, sociological or psychological creatures, that we are first of all cosmic beings.    Zerka T Moreno   To Dream Again – A Memoir  (forthcoming)

Moreno attributed healing to what is going on silently, mostly invisibly, in the body and deep inside the self, not touched by words but through action, often continuing well after treatment.  He termed it due to the 'autonomous healing center' within.   Zerka T. Moreno  To Dream Again – A Memoir (forthcoming)

With the passing years I stopped thinking of myself as a psychotherapist, because it became clear that I do not heal any psyches.  Protagonists themselves do the healing.  My task is to find and touch that autonomous healing center within, to assist and direct the protagonist to do the same.  I am merely a guide in the wilderness, clearing away obstacles so protagonists can find their very own path.    Zerka T. Moreno  To Dream Again – A Memoir (forthcoming

Awakening the autonomous healing center, the power to heal oneself, is how I see the value of psychodrama and all forms of therapy.  Zerka T. Moreno  To Dream Again – A Memoir (forthcoming)


A truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less an objective than the whole of  mankind. But no adequate therapy can be prescribed as long as mankind is not a unity in some fashion and as long as its organization remains uknown.   JL Moreno  Who Shall Survive?

The Problem:  Human society has an actual, dynamic, central structure underlying and determining all its peripheral and formal groupings.  It exerts a determining influence upon every sphere in which the factor of human interrelations is an active agent – in economics, biology, social pathology, politics, government and similar spheres of social action.  JL Moreno  Sociometry and the Science of Society

Human society has an atomic structure, which corresponds to the atomic structure of matter.  Its existence can be brought into an empirical test my means of social microscopy.  The present human society is a preference system produced, to a considerable extent, by the sociodynamic effect. JL Moreno  Who Shall Survive?

When man found himself failing in his struggle for maximum creativity, he divided from his will to create his will to power – and now his will to have power turns against his will to create.  Mankind may need still more serious setbacks before it comes to its creative revolution.  Perhaps it is unavoidable that the present human civilization be reduced to a handful of individuals and human society to a few scattered social atoms before a new rooting can begin.  JL Moreno  The Future of Man's World



Moreno long wished his work to be identified as a way of life, instead of merely categorized as a therapeutic procedure.  He further declared that instead of looking at mankind as a fallen being, everyone is a potential genius and like the Supreme Being, co-responsible for all of mankind.  It is the genius we should emphasize, not the failings.  Zerka T. Moreno  To Dream Again – A Memoir (forthcoming)

Mankind needs to be educated; education means more than intellectual enlightenment, it isn't emotional enlightenment, it isn't insight only, it is a matter of the deficiency of spontaneity to use the available intelligence and to mobilize his enlightened emotions.   JL Moreno  The Future of  Man's World

The expansion of the self from the plane of the individual to the cosmic plane – will be a realization process of, by and through the self, a movement from the lower plane to the superior plane, a time for each movement equaling that of a historical epoch.  JL Moreno   The Future of Man's World.