Becoming Inter-Dimensional Human Beings – The Existential Practices of J.L. Moreno, MD – Sociatry

Seminars in Western Massachusetts

JL Moreno placed within his methods for healing existential practices, formulas and codes for awakening to the Autonomous Healing Center within us and within groups.  The autonomous healing center as at our core, it is very real, it is our compass for life.  We can reach to it – make contact with this within us – become familiar with and practiced in our relationship with this core, with the autonomous healing center.  

The autonomous healing center emerges in groups as well, using sociometric methods.  To find this within us changes our lives, and connects us to the greater reality of life itself.  This series of seminars teach the fundamental practices to understand the formulas and codes, to gain direct experience with the autonomous healing center, and to have guidance in the existential practices


Past Trainings

Western Massachusetts Based Professional Training and Personal Growth Lesley University Graduate School of Expressive Therapies Granada,  Spain Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Process Summer Academy Lisbon, Portugal Training on Sociatry (the healing of society) and Psychodrama for Transformation

International Sociodrama Retreat in Portugal November 20-22, 2009