Sociatry is the evolution of humanity and of our own lives.  The formulas, codes, and practices are Moreno’s instruments for tapping the evolutionary impulse – within each of us – and within small groups. Embedded into his method we know as psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, are formulas from which the method has emerged.

The study takes approximately six to seven months to complete and includes:

1) Self-paced study of The Future of Man’s World by JL Moreno, and a review of the text with Edward Schreiber on a monthly basis.

2) Self-paced study of selected documents from the JL Moreno Collection at the Countway Library, the School of Medicine at Harvard and Boston University.  This includes selections from an unpublished autobiography by Moreno, with a focus on sociatry and the existential elements of his method.   This includes a review of these documents with Edward Schreiber on a monthly basis through an online application.

3) The presentation of the Moreno codes, formulas and glyphs and a discussion of their meaning and application with Edward Schreiber on a monthly basis.  The codes, formulas-glyphs are transferred to each participant through an online program.  These codes, formulas, and glyphs are copyrighted by the artist who created their visual representation, and cannot be duplicated or copied without permission.

4) An in-depth discussion of the entire theory, philosophy and application of the codes, formulas, glyphs – and sociatry will complete this course of study in approximately 6-7 months.  It may be necessary that the course is extended past 7 months given the depth of the material, its expansive nature and the richness of the exchange.  This would be a mutual decision by the participant and Edward Schreiber.



The Zerka T. Moreno Foundation for Training, Research & Education is a not-for-profit Foundation.  

Tuition for the entire program of study is in a range of $75 – $200 per month USD for the 6-7 month program based upon income and ability.  Tuition is paid by check to:  ZTMF    We are open, of course, to significantly more donated to the Foundation for the Tuition.  Feel free to set the Tuition higher than $200 per month should you be so moved.

Should the program exceed 7 months for the mentored program, no additional tuition is required.  



Please complete the following questions in narrative form. Please forward the application to Edward Schreiber:  [email protected]  

1)  Your name, address, email, phone numbers.

2)  Certification status in the field of psychodrama.  Please note that no certification standard is required to participate in this online study.

3)  Please write about what interests you in the study of the codes, formulas, glyphs, and sociatry.   Please write about your objectives in the application of this material.

4)  Please write about any prior learning that would add, or assist in this study.

5)  Please write about any personal experiences that would add, or assist in this study. Please forward your responses to Edward Schreiber, who will review your application and prepare you for the study material.

Thank you for your interest!